Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Cars Of Tomorrow

Tokyo Motor Show presents Daihatsu concept cars: Shocase, Pico, D-X

The 'FC Shocase' is a lightweight, zero-emission vehicle designed for mobile work solutions. Equipped with daihatsu's innovative liquid fuel cells that are completely free of rare metals, the design offers versatile storage with its flat floor and stowable steering wheel and seats. A fold-out exterior offers additional space as well as easy access of passengers and and materials in and out of the vehicle.

Daihatsu's 2-seater 'Pico' electric vehicle is designed for the frequent short trips typical of an urban environment. Large openings and a low, flat floor make the vehicle equally accessible to the elderly, while a radar system offers automatic driving assistance. As in other recent urban concepts, the seating configuration places the passenger behind the driver to ease of use in narrow spaces. An LED panel that rings around the outside of the vehicle is designed to help warn pedestrians of vehicle movement.

The 'D-X' sports car features an innovative resin-based body whose parts can be swapped out to create different appearances. Turbo-charged direct injection offers increased fuel efficiency for the two-cylinder combustion engine.

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